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 $Id: list.h,v 1.9 2007-06-05 01:45:35+01 taviso Exp $
 A very simple linked list implementation.


#ifndef _LIST_INC
#define _LIST_INC

typedef struct element {
    void *data;
    struct element *next;
} element_t;

typedef struct {
    unsigned size;
    element_t *head;
    element_t *tail;
} list_t;

/* create a new list */
list_t *l_init(void);

/* destroy the whole list */
void l_destroy(list_t * list);

/* add a new element to the list */
int l_append(list_t * list, element_t * element, void *data);

/* remove the element at element->next */
void l_remove(list_t * list, element_t * element, void **data);

/* remove the nth element from head */
void l_remove_nth(list_t * list, unsigned n, void **data);

/* remove all elements from *src, and append to dst */
int l_concat(list_t *dst, list_t **src);


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